Missouri State University Campus Map: A Comprehensive Guide


Embark on a virtual tour of Missouri State University’s sprawling campus with our interactive map. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, discover the vibrant heart of this esteemed institution. Get ready to navigate academic buildings, explore student life hubs, and uncover the secrets of its rich history and architectural heritage.

Whether you’re a prospective student, a curious visitor, or a proud alumnus, our map will guide you through the campus’s diverse offerings. Dive into the details, plan your visits, and experience the vibrant energy of Missouri State University.

Campus Overview

Missouri State University’s vibrant campus is a bustling hub of academic excellence and student life. Nestled in the heart of Springfield, Missouri, the campus boasts a diverse range of facilities and landmarks that cater to the needs of its vibrant student body.

Map and Key Facilities

An interactive map of the campus provides a comprehensive overview of its layout, highlighting key facilities such as the state-of-the-art Meyer Library, the bustling Plaster Student Union, and the expansive Hammons Student Center. Athletic enthusiasts will find a haven at the Robert W. Plaster Sports Complex, while nature lovers can immerse themselves in the serene beauty of the Springfield Botanical Gardens, located just a short distance from campus.

Building Directory

To assist students and visitors in navigating the campus efficiently, a comprehensive building directory has been compiled. The table below lists the names of buildings and their corresponding departments or functions:

| Building Name | Department/Function |
| Meyer Library | Academic resources, research, and information services |
| Plaster Student Union | Student activities, dining, and entertainment |
| Hammons Student Center | Recreation, fitness, and wellness services |
| Glass Hall | College of Business |
| Carrington Hall | College of Education |
| Temple Hall | College of Humanities and Public Affairs |
| Strong Hall | College of Natural and Applied Sciences |
| Ellis Hall | College of Health and Human Services |
| Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts | Arts and entertainment events |
| JQH Arena | Sports and entertainment venue |

Transportation and Accessibility


Missouri State University offers a variety of transportation options for students and visitors, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

The university’s bus system, the Bear Line, provides free shuttle services throughout campus and to nearby off-campus locations. The routes are designed to connect students with academic buildings, residence halls, and other essential facilities.

Bike Paths and Parking

For those who prefer to cycle, the university has a network of bike paths and designated bike racks across campus. Ample parking is available for both students and visitors, with designated spaces for accessible vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations.

Accessible Entrances and Facilities

Missouri State University is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible environment for all. Accessible entrances are available at all major campus buildings, and elevators provide access to upper floors. Designated parking spaces are located near accessible entrances for individuals with disabilities.

The university also offers a variety of services and accommodations to support students with disabilities, including wheelchair-accessible transportation and assistive technology in classrooms and libraries.

Neighborhood and Surroundings

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Missouri State University is nestled in the heart of Springfield, Missouri, a vibrant and welcoming city. The surrounding neighborhood is a mix of residential areas, businesses, and amenities that cater to the needs of students and the community.

Within walking distance of campus, students will find a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, and other points of interest. These include:


  • Mother’s Brewing Company: A popular brewpub with a wide selection of craft beers and a menu featuring American comfort food.
  • India Palace: An authentic Indian restaurant known for its flavorful curries and tandoori dishes.
  • Gaia Gyros: A Greek restaurant serving up gyros, falafel, and other Mediterranean favorites.

Coffee Shops

  • The Coffee Ethic: A cozy coffee shop with a laid-back atmosphere and a focus on fair trade and organic coffee.
  • Mudhouse Coffee Roasters: A local coffee roaster with a café that offers a variety of coffee drinks and pastries.
  • The Creamery: A popular ice cream and coffee shop that also serves breakfast and lunch.

Other Points of Interest

  • Springfield Art Museum: A museum with a collection of American and European art, as well as special exhibitions.
  • Discovery Center of Springfield: A hands-on science and technology museum with exhibits for all ages.
  • Springfield Botanical Gardens: A beautiful garden with a variety of plants, flowers, and walking trails.

Missouri State University also takes safety seriously. The university has a dedicated police force that patrols the campus and surrounding areas. Additionally, there are a number of safety initiatives in place, such as:

  • Emergency call boxes located throughout campus
  • A late-night escort service
  • A safety app that provides students with real-time alerts and safety information

These measures help to ensure that students and the community feel safe and secure on and around campus.

Historical Landmarks and Architecture

Missouri State University’s campus is adorned with historical landmarks and architectural features that reflect the institution’s rich heritage and architectural evolution. These landmarks serve as tangible reminders of the university’s past and contribute to its unique campus identity.

From the iconic Old Main to the contemporary Plaster Student Union, the campus showcases a diverse range of architectural styles, each telling a story of the university’s growth and transformation.

Old Main

Constructed in 1898, Old Main is the oldest building on campus and a symbol of Missouri State University’s beginnings. This Romanesque Revival structure served as the university’s first academic building and continues to house administrative offices.

Ellis Hall

Built in 1908, Ellis Hall is a Collegiate Gothic building that originally housed the university’s library. Today, it is home to the Department of History and the Plaster Free Enterprise Center.

Plaster Student Union

Completed in 2007, the Plaster Student Union is a modern architectural masterpiece that serves as the hub of student life on campus. This LEED-certified building features a striking glass façade, open spaces, and sustainable design elements.

Future Developments and Expansion

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Missouri State University is continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of its students and the community. The university has several exciting developments and expansion plans in the works, which will enhance the campus experience and provide new opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.

New Buildings and Renovations

Several new buildings are planned for construction in the coming years. These include a new residence hall, a new academic building for the College of Business, and a new recreation and wellness center. Additionally, several existing buildings will be renovated to provide updated and modern facilities.

Infrastructure Improvements

In addition to new buildings, the university is also planning several infrastructure improvements. These include upgrades to the electrical grid, the water and sewer systems, and the transportation network. These improvements will help to ensure that the campus is safe, efficient, and sustainable.


The timeline for these developments and expansions is still being finalized. However, the university expects to begin construction on the new residence hall in 2024. The new academic building for the College of Business is expected to be completed in 2026, and the new recreation and wellness center is expected to open in 2028.

Impact on Campus Community

These developments and expansions will have a significant impact on the campus community. The new buildings will provide much-needed additional space for students, faculty, and staff. The renovations will improve the quality of the existing facilities. And the infrastructure improvements will help to ensure that the campus is safe, efficient, and sustainable.

Top FAQs

Where can I find the library on campus?

The Duane G. Meyer Library is located in the heart of campus, next to the Plaster Student Union.

Are there any bike paths near the campus?

Yes, there are several bike paths that run through and around campus, connecting it to the wider Springfield trail system.

Is the campus accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, Missouri State University is committed to accessibility, and the campus has accessible entrances, ramps, and designated parking areas.

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